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Owned by Charles Perez since 2008, Mas Bécha is nestled in the heart of the Eastern Pyrenees and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. On the Aspres terroir, south of Perpignan between the Roussillon plain and the Canigou massif, the 35 hectares of vines cultivated in organic viticulture (certification in 2011) flourish within a protected biodiversity setting of 110 ha in one piece, for the benefit of mixed farming.

Imprinted with Catalan identity, Mas Bécha produces wines of place and origin. Sunny, generous and sincere wines which enchant with their balance and surprising freshness.

Wine tourism:

A welcoming place for the passing enthusiast or the curious connoisseur, Mas Bécha stands out in the local landscape for its keen sense of hospitality, a strong value which permeates the entire domain team and which is part of in a philosophy of transmission.


In addition to our 4 self-guided tours in the vineyards, we offer you different experiences at the estate.


We offer different events at the property to help you discover our passion and share it with you!

The Aspres terroir:

Bordered by the Spanish border in Northern Catalonia, the Aspres represent the often forgotten region of Roussillon, south of Perpignan. Its own appellation “Côtes du Roussillon Villages Les Aspres” was only made official in 2004. It produces wines with an assertive personality, as lively as the use of Catalan is present, concentrated wines which are traditionally suitable for keeping whose freshness potential is an exception in the region.

Vines and wines:

The wines of Mas Bécha, the fruit of multiple influences, play the personality card characterized by the nuances of micro-terroirs, micro-climates and grape varieties. Their link: an astonishing freshness which makes them suitable for immediate pleasure as well as for keeping.

Long cold pre-fermentation maceration, rapid alcoholic fermentation, static hot post-fermentation to adjust the extraction work, tangential filtration to clarify the tannins, aging in barrels or vats depending on the vintages… The wines affirm their identity and express without compromise all the typicality of the Mediterranean terroir, magnified by modern winemaking techniques which serve the winemaker without ever distorting his work.

Charles Perez:

Born in 1978, in Perpignan. Charles Perez, owner of the Mas Bécha estate since 2008, is a tireless enthusiast of the terroir imbued with rigor and humanism which embodies the new wave of Mas Bécha.

After a BTS Viti-Oeno and some formative experiences in Bordeaux and the United States, Charles enriched his learning by following the Master of Science in Wine Management delivered by the OIV (International Wine Organization). His experience of tasting and the numerous trips he made around the world perfected his education and shaped his work philosophy.

A bit of a maverick with a taste for challenge, this outsider from Roussillon needed no less to completely restructure the 110 ha of family farm of which viticulture was then the only activity, producing more than 7,000 hL of wine sold in bulk, almost half of which are natural sweet wines.

Of the 110 ha, Charles only keeps 25 for viticulture on the most beautiful terroirs, the rest of the surface is now intended for mixed farming: market gardening, almond trees, olive trees, forage plants and cork oaks. On the Aspres terroir, Charles is reviving biodiversity and committing his vineyard to the path of organic farming, for which he obtained certification in 2011.

Anxious to one day pass on this exceptional vineyard, he surrounds himself with a team of enthusiasts, with high standards, whose members from varied backgrounds find themselves at the crossroads of one and the same taste: that of sharing. ; sharing knowledge, know-how and above all… pleasure.

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